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Xchange Connect™ is an interface for communicating transactions between health insurance exchanges and health plans.

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Encounter Plus

Today, there’s never been a more urgent need for Medicaid health plans to operate more efficiently and capture the acuity of their members. Now the Hudson Center, the leader in public health plan technology solutions, can help you reach both goals with one extraordinary product, Encounter Plus.

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InsightPlus™ is a centralized data collection system that allows Health Homes, Care Managers, Health Plans, and Care Management Agencies to manage and store patient information. With InsightPlus™, everyone’s on the same page, so your patients can come first.

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FEEA™ The Facilitated Enrollment Application is an end-to-end enrollment solution for your enterprise. It handles data entry through to data transmission, including EDI to local and State agencies.

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EnrollNY Private Portal™is a web-based tool that screens potential enrollees for eligibility for New York State sponsored health insurance programs.

Health Homes Connects to HealthlinkNY

Health Homes Connects to HealthlinkNY™


Georganne Chapin of the Hudson Center

A Message from
the Founder

by Georganne Chapin

In the more than two decades since I began running Hudson Health Plan, I have been speaking out on the health care so-called “system” we live with in the United States.

Fundamentally, I’ve advocated for universal single payer health care, pointing out the terrible inequities and irrationality that plague our fee-for-service medical industry...

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